Corporate Strategy Development and Implementation

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The purpose of any planning activity is to establish a fact based direction for the firm. This direction should ultimately specify the discrete actions and responsibilities that are designed to accomplish the firm’s goals and the anticipated results, by time period. This fosters an environment of managerial accountability as well as providing the basis for course corrections and adjustments. While the process modeled below is not novel, Market Designs is unique in its ability to bring its deep market and industry specific expertise to bear in all phases of this process.

Market Designs' Corporate Strategy Development and Implementation

Market Designs has accomplished all of these steps for firms, especially those in the travel vertical. We have partnered with clients in developing sound, fact based corporate and targeted market strategies. We have also developed specific action plans designed to accomplish those strategies. We have led or coached implementation of the action plans. We have achieved the desired results. And, we have assessed our client's performance as a guide to plan modification.

All of this is informed by the realities and dynamics of market positioning and gained from our global experience within the travel space.