Market Entry and Business Development

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Frequently, a key part of strategic execution is entering markets or developing new business from existing markets. Many times this takes a firm out of its "business as usual" comfort zone. They don't know the key players, have little or no experience in partnering with indigenous organizations to facilitate entry/business expansion or are unaware of the nuances of the business and social culture of an unfamiliar territory.

Market Designs has successfully assisted entry into new markets and expansion of existing markets. We have a network of contacts throughout the global travel business that can be tapped for our clients to understand and gain entry to new markets. We have rich experience in structuring and implementing mutually beneficial strategic alliances. We understand the unique business models, culture and social norms that impact the travel business in the Americas, Asia (including China), Europe and the Middle East.

We help our clients formulate the best products for their market. We help them price their products appropriately for the market. During the entry strategy development, we create a score card process based on the client's goals and competitive environment. We help to position our client's products based on company goals and synthesize that with the market demand.