Multi-Channel Distribution Strategy

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Travel distribution has been frequently marked by great urgency for change. Examples: "We need to be in the GDSs", "We need a website", "We have to be on Facebook". With equal frequency, firms spend significant sums to adopt the next new thing without an understanding of the connection between the costs, increased revenue generating potential and reach of the various channel options and how the channels play off one another. These considerations vary immensely by region of the world which is especially important for travel suppliers to understand as they establish an increasingly global foot print. As indicated in the illustration below, this is a very complicated environment with much of a supplier’s revenue coming via channels owned by others with different business models, competitive positions and motivations.

Market Designs understands these issues. We have participated in many distribution innovations. We have built successful strategies for travel suppliers to exploit the interplay between various distribution channels. We have done this in all regions of the world.

Market Designs Multi-Channel Distribution