Business and Technical Product Evaluations

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As companies assess current or future products, they frequently look for knowledgeable third parties to "due diligence" the offering. Such a non-invested, neutral view will provide an independent assessment of the technical feasibility and commercial viability of the product. This input will enable a better informed kill, continue or modify decision and assist in reconciling divergent views within the organization.

Market Designs' marriage of both the technical and commercial aspects of the travel business strongly positions us to thoughtfully and comprehensively assess travel distribution products. We know that merely having the ability to "do something" doesn't mean that the "something" should be done from a business standpoint. We know how to identify technical risks and how to scrutinize potential risk mitigation strategies. We can evaluate current/future product offerings versus competitive products and assess relative success in market appeal/penetration. We can calculate the costs and benefits of a product free from internal hype/pessimism and foster the necessary internal alignment behind crucial product decisions.